5 Common Myths About Dental Surgery You Shouldn't Believe

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There may come a time in your when you will require dental surgery, such as wisdom tooth removal. However, the idea of oral surgery may scare you, especially if you have heard certain myths about it. It is important to learn the difference between fact and fiction with dental surgery. 

Here are a few common misconceptions about oral surgery that you should not believe.

Myth: Dental Surgery Will Cause You Immense Pain

One of the most common reasons why people are reluctant to have dental surgery is because they think the pain is unbearable. Since you will be given general anesthesia before your oral surgery, you should not feel anything during the procedure. If you feel discomfort after the procedure is done, your oral surgeon can prescribe you painkillers.

Myth: Dentists Can Perform All Oral Surgeries

If you have to undergo a major dental surgery, such as wisdom tooth removal or dental implants, you can't go to a regular dentist. You have to be under the care of an oral surgeon who has extensive experience with the procedure you need.

Myth: Dental Surgery Costs Too Much

When an oral surgeon initially provides you with the cost of the procedure you need, it may seem very expensive. However, dental surgery is often necessary and can save you from needing emergency dental treatment in the future. Additionally, some dental insurance plans will cover part of the cost.

Myth: Recovery Is Very Long

Some people assume that oral surgery comes with a long recovery time. Fortunately, this is not true. In most cases, you will be able to go about your life as normal right after the procedure. However, your surgeon may ask you to avoid certain foods for a while and ice the area.

Myth: You Can Put Off Dental Surgery

Many people do not make dental surgery a priority. They may think they can put it off as long as they want. However, it is not a wise idea to push back oral surgery. If you do, you can cause yourself unnecessary pain and even increase your risk of infection.

If your dentist believes that you require surgery, you should schedule it as soon as possible.

Now you realize there are a lot of myths about dental surgery. If your dentist has advised you to undergo dental surgery, you should schedule an appointment with a reputable oral surgeon in your area as soon as possible.