Plastic Surgery Is Available for Your Teeth

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When your oral health as degraded or when your mouth has become injured, you may discover that it is difficult to chew. The general form and function of your mouth can easily be disrupted when the structure of your gums becomes damaged. In this situation, it's necessary to have your gums restored through periodontal plastic surgery. This will also improve the appearance of your teeth and will allow you to keep your teeth for longer.

Preparing Before Surgery

Before you undergo a periodontal plastic surgery, you'll need to change the behavior that lead to your oral health problems in the first place. If the problem was caused by an accident, this step can be skipped. However, if your oral health has declined as a result of smoking, poor oral hygiene, or other lifestyle problems, these should be addressed before you undergo a periodontal plastic surgery. Otherwise, the gains that come from the surgery will be lost.

Your oral surgeon will typically recommend a deep cleaning before the surgery. The tartar and plaque need to be professionally removed. If you already had great oral hygiene, you might be able to skip this step.

Restoring Missing Gum Tissue

Your gum and teeth may have pockets that interfere with the ability of your teeth to attach to your gums, which interferes with the function of your teeth. Soft and hard tissues need to be replaced or regenerated to eliminate these pockets. The oral surgeon might use connective tissue grafts to cover the entire root. In some cases, you may have a root recession only near one tooth or near a series of teeth. Fortunately, this problem can be easily corrected with a tissue graft.

Removing Excess Gum Tissue

If your teeth look very gummy, which leads to your teeth looking shorter, you might need a gum lift. The excess gum and bone tissue might need to be shortened to reveal more of your teeth. Sometimes, you may only need this done to a single tooth. In other cases, it might be performed on a series of teeth. Generally, when your teeth have a symmetrical length, your smile will look much more beautiful.

Regardless of the condition of your smile, there is usually a treatment that can restore it. New procedures are being developed every day not only to restore your gums but to also replace damaged or missing teeth with resilient implants and prosthetic teeth.