Performance Problems? What Men and Their Loved Ones Should Know about ED

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Erectile dysfunction is a growing problem among American men. In fact, according to recent statistics, as many as 15 to 30 million men currently deal with this problem at some level. If you or someone you love is experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED), the following information will help you understand the problem more fully and offer some possible ways to reduce the instances of recurrence. 

ED can strike at any age

Many men mistakenly feel that experiencing ED symptoms is related to their age, but that is not true. Instead, ED can occur in men of any age and is likely to be more related to their overall health and lifestyle than the number of birthdays that have passed. 

ED can be a sign of serious health issues

Sexual performance issues, including ED, are often noted in persons who have developed diabetes, high blood pressure, prostate enlargement, or circulation problems, such as atherosclerosis. Someone who suddenly experiences difficulty in achieving an erection should first consider having a physical to check for these or other health issues. 

ED can be related to substance abuse

Substance abuse, including alcohol and many types of both OTC and street drugs, can also have an effect on the ability to achieve a full erection and maintain it during sexual activity. This is particularly true when alcohol or drugs that act as depressants are used. Men who find themselves unable to perform sexually while under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be able to alleviate the problem simply by choosing to cut back or abstain from the use of those substances. 

ED can be a sign of poor body image

Men that feel unattractive to their spouses or sexual partners can experience instances of erectile dysfunction, even if they are sober and in good health. This type of ED can be particularly problematic because each instance can heighten anxiety levels, leading to even more difficulties in achieving an erection. 

Men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction sometimes do so because they are unhappy with their appearance, their weight, or other perceived shortcomings. Taking steps to improve body image through weight loss, exercise, or living a healthier lifestyle may be helpful in building the self-confidence needed to enjoy a better body image.

Left untreated, ED can cause men to feel increasingly unhappy or unsatisfied with their lives and relationships. If you are dealing with erectile dysfunction, at any age, the first step in correcting the problem is to see your doctor. This will allow you to rule out health issues while providing an opportunity to discuss your options for using readily available ED treatment drugs like Stendra