What You Need to Know About Spinal Injuries & Disorders

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There are many people who deal with problems of the spine. These issues can be sudden or they can slowly become problematic. Issues with the spine can be life altering and shouldn't be ignored. This is why it is important to address the problem early on and figure out what you need to know about it. Here are some things you should know.

How Do Spinal Injuries Happen?

There are a couple different ways that people can hurt their spine. First, there can be some sort of traumatic accident. It is not unusual in a car accident or in some sort of fall to have the spine injured. In some cases there is no way to prevent the spine injury, since the back is so large and there is little you can do to protect the spine in the heat of the moment.

Second, there can be a disease. If you have an autoimmune disease, cancer or some sort of condition that attacks the nerves and spine it can affect the spine in a way that causes seemingly permanent damage. The earlier you catch this problem the better because you can prevent long-term problems.

How Do You Know You Have an Injured Spine?

Most people think that a spinal injury would cause you to have back pain, and although it is normal for the back to be hurting after an injury, back pain is not the main sign of a spinal injury. Your spinal cord is responsible for housing all of your nerves. This means that if you were to damage the spine it is likely that you would have some sort of nerve damage.

Many people feel tingling, itching, or weird sensations in parts of their body. For instance, you might have a irritation burn on a spot in your arm, but there is no burn there. Your feet may itch or your legs tingle when you sit in certain positions. Some people even lose control of parts of their body if the nerve damage is severe enough.

What Can You Do for a Spine Injury?

The best thing to do is see a neurologist, or someone who specializes in spine disorders and can discuss possible treatments. If it is an illness or disease, medication and treatments may be enough. If there is traumatic damage to the spine you may be candidate for surgery.

By understanding these things you can keep your spine healthy.