Helping Your Elementary Schooler Develop Good Eye Care Habits

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Helping Your Elementary Schooler Develop Good Eye Care Habits 

Finding out that your elementary school student needs glasses is not a big deal. There are glasses that are made especially for younger children that are sturdier and even come with headbands so that they do not fall off when your child is running. One of the things that you will need to do after your child is fitted for their first eye glasses is to teach your child proper eyecare. Here are three things that your child will need to know in order to start taking care of their eyes and eyesight. 

Keep lights at a comfortable level

When your child first starts to wear glasses, they may notice that lights that are too bright can cause a glare on the side of their glasses that will make it difficult to see. In order to stave away glares and make sure that their eyes are not strained, teach your child how to keep light brightness at a comfortable level. This can mean stepping away if they are standing directly under bright lights, learning to dim the brightness of computers and cell phones, as well as getting the best wattage for their room lamps. 

Talk about foods that help

When it comes to eye health, it matters what you do with your eyes as well as put in your body. There are some foods that are good for aiding in the health of the eyes, such as salmon, black currants, and green salads. Create a diet with your child that includes at least one eye healthy food per meal. If this is not a possibility, begin a supplement regimen so that your child can get the appropriate number of vitamins and minerals each day. 

Check the eyes regularly with a chart

The only way to know how the eyes are doing is to check on them regularly. Although you may only go to the optometrist once or twice a year, monthly eye checks at home can be a good idea. Put up a chart or a paper with writing on it that is similar to the one at the eye doctor's office. Have your child stand 20 feet away from the chart and read off each line. This will give you and your child some idea on if their eyes are remaining at the same level or if their vision seems to be getting worse. If vision seems to be changing, you know that a trip to the eye care center is in order for a full-scale inspection.

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