Comparing Hearing Aids To Get The Best One For You

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If you are having trouble hearing and your primary care physician has recommended you get a hearing aid, it is important that you know how to compare the different ones until you find the right one for you. There are two different aspects to fitting one of these devices properly. They need to be comfortable for you, and they need to provide you with adequate hearing. Unfortunately, when you see an audiologist to have a hearing aid fitted, you will be trying the device to determine how well it helps your hearing. The device you choose will then be sent out to be adjusted to fit your ear for comfort. It is important that you try the device made for you for a few days to determine its comfort level. However, you can compare different devices and settings for their ability to improve your hearing. Here are a few things you need to check before making a decision on the device and its settings.

Your Voice

Since your voice is the sound you hear the most, it is important that you use it to compare the different aids. Find a passage of a book that you can read and take it with you to your appointment. Insert each of the different types of aids and read the passage aloud. By using the same passage you will be able to differentiate how each device sounds. Perhaps one will make some letters sound fuzzy while another will have the effect of increasing and decreasing sounds to you. Find the one that sounds the most like your normal speaking voice to you.

Noise Control

Do not test the devices only in a quiet room. Ask the doctor to play music or turn on a television to a medium high volume and then speak with you. You want to be able to hear the doctor and your responses clearly without having to try and listen over the other noise in the room. At the same time, you do not want the background noises completely blocked or you might miss things like a ringing telephone or a child calling for you from another room.

Use Your Phone

Some people find that their hearing aids work great until they have to talk to someone on the phone. While trying each aid, make a phone call to someone (make arrangements beforehand with the person you will be calling). Talk with this person as you would normally to make sure that you will be able to hear when on a phone call with varying amount of background noise.

Hearing aids can be wonderful to someone who is having trouble hearing everyday conversations. However, to make them really effective, they need to improve  your hearing no matter where you are and what you are doing. Try all the different types in the doctor's office until you are satisfied. Keep in mind, you haven't been hearing things correctly for a while so anything may seem to be an improvement. Using the above tips will ensure that the device you choose is truly the best one for you.