3 Important Things To Do Once You Find Out You're Pregnant With Your First Child

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If you've just discovered that you are pregnant, then it is crucial that you make a plan as to what you are going to do. You shouldn't  just sit around and then show up at the hospital 9 months from now. While you can, it's not the ideal way to carry your child to term. However, as a first time mother, you are probably excited, worried, and potentially not sure of what to do. So, this article is going to help you out and give you three important things to do as soon as possible to help ensure that your baby has the best chance to turn out healthy.

Check With Your Insurance Plan Concerning Coverage

It is important to check with your insurance company and see what their coverage includes. If you are married, and covered by your husband, then you need him to get the paperwork out and check which obstetric doctors are included in the plan. If you are not currently insured, you can always seek immediate assistance in a free clinic that has an obstetric service. There are often people at these clinics that can help enroll you in a low-cost, or no-cost (if you qualify for something such as medicaid) programs.

Pick Up Prenatal Vitamins

A super important part of your daily routine is to take a prenatal vitamin. These provide the essential vitamins and minerals that your baby needs to grow into a healthy child. In the past, people might have had to combine vitamins and take a whole handful to get everything they need. Luckily for you, that is no longer the case. All you need now is to get a special pill that is designed to include everything you need. The great part of the process is that many large supermarkets sell these for very little, and some large chains will even give them out for free. Don't skimp on these vitamins, they are super important, especially the folic acid which is responsible for preventing birth defects.

Find A Doctor Specializing In Obstetrics

Of course you need to locate a doctor specializing in obstetrics. This is because you will need to be examined during your pregnancy to check for any problems. Taking the vitamins and choosing a hospital to go to once you go into labor is simply not enough. First, you will not have anything prepared when you go into labor, you will simply show up to the E.R. and that is a nightmare situation. When you choose an obstetrics doctor and become their patient, they will not only guide you through the pregnancy (taking tests, instructing you on proper nutrition and other issues) but they will arrange for the hospital to be ready for when you arrive. This way, when you do arrive at the hospital, you will have a doctor on hand that can show up and act as a liaison with the staff on hand.