Investing In Reconstructive Surgery After Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer will affect one in eight women over the course of a lifetime. Treatment for breast cancer can take a variety of forms, but many women find that they need a mastectomy in order to prevent the cancer from spreading. The removal of one or both breasts during a mastectomy can be beneficial when it comes to treating breast cancer, but this procedure can leave a woman feeling incomplete.

Here are three reasons why you might want to consider investing in reconstructive surgery after having a mastectomy.

1. Reconstructive surgery will prevent the need for breast forms.

Breast forms (objects that resemble the shape and size of a natural breast) are used by many mastectomy recipients to help fill out a bra or other pieces of clothing. While these breast forms can be valuable short-term tools, they often don't provide a convenient long-term solution for a woman's lack of breast tissue.

If you don't want to worry about the responsibility of inserting breast forms each day and keeping these forms securing in place throughout the day, then working with a reconstructive surgeon to rebuild your breasts can be beneficial.

2. Reconstructive surgery provides you with more clothing options.

Finding clothing that fits your body properly after a mastectomy can be difficult, and it can be quite expensive as well. You may find that you are unable to wear a bikini or form-fitting dress with confidence after your mastectomy, and you may have to invest in specialty bras designed exclusively for mastectomy patients that can be costly.

Opting to invest in reconstructive surgery to restore the natural appearance of your breasts can be a simple and effective way to expand your clothing options after you have completed a mastectomy.

3. Reconstructive surgery can help you put your cancer behind you.

For many women, the lack of breast tissue that accompanies a mastectomy can serve as a constant reminder of a battle with breast cancer. If you are looking to put your cancer in the past, then investing in reconstructive surgery could be beneficial.

A skilled surgeon can not only restore the feel and appearance of your breasts, the surgeon can also help minimize any scarring that you sustained as a result of your mastectomy. This reconstructive process helps you regain your original appearance, allowing you to eliminate the constant visual reminder of your battle with breast cancer.

Once you are able to understand the benefits associated with reconstructive surgery following a mastectomy, it's easy to see why you should consider reconstructive surgery as a viable post-mastectomy treatment option.