Avoid Placing Your Loose Hearing Aids In These Locations

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When you begin to wear hearing aids, it's generally a good idea to keep them in your ears as much as possible. However, you might occasionally find the need to take them out, whether you're getting ready for bed or you're out in the rain. In such scenarios, it can be tempting to remove your hearing aids and place them in locations that are less than idea. The concern, however, is that when you store your hearing aids in a number of locations, they may get damaged — and you may have to deal with hearing challenges until you get these important devices replaced. Here are some places to avoid storing your hearing aids.

In Your Pocket

Your pocket might seem convenient, but it's a poor location for your hearing aids. In this location, the devices risk getting damaged in a number of ways. For example, if your clothing is tight, the simple act of sitting down can tighten the area around the pocket and risk breaking one of the delicate parts of the hearing aid, such as the ear hook. Additionally, if you forget that your hearing aids are in your pocket, you might inadvertently put your pants in the washing machine and ruin the hearing aids.

On A Table

A table, especially if it's high off the ground, might seem like a safe temporary spot for your hearing aids. There are numerous concerns with this location, however. The small size of your hearing aids means that you can potentially knock them off the table and onto the floor without noticing, meaning that they could then be stepped on or even kicked where you might struggle to see them. Additionally, your family dog may curiously take a bite out of one of the hearing aids, ruining it and potentially causing the dog to get sick.

On The Bathroom Counter

When you're about to climb into the shower or bathtub, you'll likely want to remove your hearing aids — and you may simply decide to place them on the edge of the bathroom counter. This location is a poor choice. In addition to potentially getting knocked onto the floor and stepped on, the hearing aids could get knocked into the wet sink and sustain damage.

Generally, you should make a point of putting your hearing aids inside their specially designed case whenever they're not in your ears. Inside the case, they'll remain protected for future use. Visit websites like http://www.hearingaidsatlanticcapemaycounty.com to learn more.